e-Awareness for Europe: Digital Awareness and Security for the Citizen in Europe

The goal of the project was to raise public awareness of the security issues affecting information and communication technologies. The issues are considered to be crucially important to the development of the European Information Society and notably to the e-Europe Action Plans 2002 and 2005.

The project was financed by the EU FP5 (eAWARE, RPTN-2002-00009), coordinated by RAND Europe and had 11 partners. Within the framework of the project, a major international conference on e-voting and related security issues – eVoting: Social and Technological Challenges for Society – took in June 2003 in Tallinn.


Presentations in English

Neil Mitchison Trust and security: e-voting as a special case
Michael Remmert Towards European Standards on e-voting
Tarmo Kalvet
2003 - 2003