Helen Biin

Labour & Social Policy
+372 640 8016

Helen’s work focuses on equal opportunities, gender inequalities and gender mainstreaming. During her time in Praxis, she has analysed policy methods, developed new research apparatus and worked on mainstreaming gender equality into general and higher education. Her earlier experience includes research on the gendered aspects of political participation, educational inequalities and gender impact analysis. Helen is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative methods; however, she enjoys the abundance of qualitative methods.

Helen joined Praxis in the autumn of 2012, however, she has been a guest researcher since 2006. Prior joining Praxis, she worked as a chief specialist at Tartu City Government, where she organised research, and as a research fellow at the Centre for Educational Research and Curriculum Development at the University of Tartu.

As an expert on gender issues, Helen has participated in various research and analysis projects for Estonian universities, governmental organisations and international organisations. She holds an MA degree in Gender Studies from Central European University and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Tartu. She is continuing with doctoral studies, researching the gendered constructions of professional identities of Estonian politicians. Helen is also a lecturer in gender studies at the Institute of Social Studies at the University of Tartu. She speaks English, Swedish and Finnish and can read Norwegian (bokmål) and a little Danish.

During her studies, Helen was active in the Estonian Debating Society and her debating skills have been useful in her work as an analyst. She is passionate about art and drawing, hence her meeting notes always consist of more graphics than written notes.