In 2022-2024, Praxis will participate in the strategic partnership led by the NGO Kuldne Liiga with the Ministry of Social Affairs, helping to launch representative assemblies of older people at local municipalities and promoting cooperation.

We are launching representative assemblies in Kadrina and Rakvere municipalities in Lääne-Virumaa, in Kastre and Elva municipalities in Tartu County, in Muhu municipality in Saaremaa and Rõuge municipality in Võru County. Representative assemblies are cooperation partners for local municipalities to help bring the experiences, knowledge, needs, and suggestions of older residents into local decision-making processes, whether they concern public services or other matters. Praxis contributes to the consideration and initiation of cooperation needs and opportunities.  Read an overview of representative assemblies on the website of the NGO Kuldne Liiga.

Praxis also took part in the preparation of the “Principles of Age-Friendly Estonia” formulated by the network consisting of more than twenty associations. Based on these principles, we created an age-friendliness assessment tool at the beginning of 2024. It is a questionnaire consisting of eight subtopics, on the basis of which representatives of older people and public authorities can assess the extent to which their city or municipality meets these principles. After the evaluation, the parties can agree on the priority of the issues that have emerged and on a joint action plan to improve the situation. In the spring of 2024, we will test the evaluation tool in several municipalities, after which guidelines will be prepared for everyone who wants to use a similar evaluation for more meaningful planning of cooperation between the older people community and the local municipality.