The aim of the project is to rise the quality and user-centricity of Georgian public services by introducing design management principles and tools so that the services would better fit to user´s needs and expectations. Recently, usage of design management principles and tools has been one of the most popular courses of social innovation in the public management. Design management can be seen as an instrument that helps to raise the quality and user-centricity of public services in a more efficient way.

To achieve the goal, a design audit methodology will be created. Based on that five Georgian public services will be assessed in order to find the gaps between real user experience and design management principles. The findings serve as a basis for the future improvements.

The project fosters cooperation between the Georgian public sector, local service designers and the target groups of services. The aim is that after the end of the project, the cooperation experience, the network and the design audit methodology could also be extended to other fields and services.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with Economic Policy Research Center in Georgia.