Many important services which are indispensible for starting and operating the companies are offered to enterprises by the Ministry of Justice. These services are heavily invested in – for example, entrepreneurship website which simplifies and improves the availability of various services was created. After an extensive period of development, it is natural to take a time to evaluate the work and set new goals for further development of services. The study collected information of the public services offered to businesses and examined the services of the Ministry of Justice. In addition, the quality and availability of public services were assessed by entrepreneurs.

„We can conclude that particularly the form of services needs improvement rather than content. Also, publicity among the entrepreneurs should be significantly increased.“ – Helena Rozeik

The study involved a total of more than 2,300 companies. 94% of the surveyed companies were the users of commercial register, 42% have used e-land register and 10% the order of payment procedure. Most of the companies use the services less than once in a month.

  • In general, entrepreneurs are satisfied with the registry services offered and the main reasons are that they give the opportunity to save time and to obtain better quality information.
  • Discontent is mainly caused by the inconvenience or complexity of the use. In some cases, the limited user-friendliness of e-services is also criticized.
  • Entrepreneurs also pointed out the expectation that the state would increase the proportion of free services and make the prices of premium ones more affordable. There is obvious connection between the dissatisfaction with services and prices.

When analysing the results, the following recommendations for public services providers were given:

  • The user-interface help should be unified and improved while paying attention to the development of search engines.
  • Single authentication environment for all services should be established and registry data should be linked so that state would no longer have to ask the enterprises already known data.
  • The price lists and packages should be organised.
  • The possibilities offered by electronic communication and procedures should be linked better with the services performed at courts.