Evaluation methodology guidelines
The guidelines include basic principles for planning and carrying out evaluation; it gives assistance and practical instructions throughout the evaluation process . The guidelines include a sample case from the evaluation study of e-services in Estonia. The guidelines provide support in setting the aims, selecting methods and collecting data for evaluation public e-services.

Training session on impact assessment
Estonian experts shared their experience on conducting evaluation of 15 e-services. They introduced the framework for setting up evaluation and   held a hands-on session on using evaluation methods.

Final report of the evaluation process and results
The report gives a thorough insight to each of the five selected e-services; presents the outcomes, conclusions and gives recommendations. The report serves as good lessons learnt for future initiatives in this direction. Furthermore, the report serves as guidelines for the public sector as well as the civil society organizations and experts on the methods to design user-centered public e-services and evaluate their impact for users and government efficiency.

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