Several buildings of the Rescue Board have been considered as part of national defense since 2017. This prestigious status brought with it the obligation to have a record of all people entering and exiting the buildings. This meant that Rescue Board employees had to change their habits. Previously, it was common in a group for only the first person to identify themselves and open the door, but now it was necessary for everyone to electronically register their entry and exit at the door with their personal card.

More than half a year had passed since the new system was implemented, but the behaviour of the employees had not changed. Together with the Rescue Board, we identified why this was the case. This knowledge helped us create an engaging email that raised the awareness of the Rescue Board employees and through fun reminders, helped them remember that it was important to register their presence at every entry and exit. As a result of our work, Rescue Board employees felt that people had become aware of the tailgating problem and a new social norm was forming: people were beeping in groups, too.