“The White Paper” is the first complete development document of the state personnel policy. The aim of this document is to have an efficient personnel who supports the government’s work and who is adaptable to the changes, needs and opportunities in the society.

In the development of the White Paper, the role and responsibility in personnel policy was specified for different ministries in order to achieve common principles and practices in this field. The Ministry of Finance serves now more as the centre of excellence for state personnel policy, and offers services with better quality and variety.

Taking into account the pressure from declining and ageing population, the state’s needs for the amount and competences of staff are defined in the White Paper. In addition, the capacity for systematic personnel policy is established in order to offer quality services with optimal price.

The specific activities in the document include composing a corruption risk assessment methodology, improving special services personnel policy, finding solutions to increase the mobility of staff, educating middle managers, and improving collaboration between different organisations.

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