This project is part of the development process of performance management coordinated by the Ministry of Finance. The implementation of performance management objectives is necessary for having a more consistent, transparent and determined government. During the project, state’s performance areas were determined. These areas are the starting points for planning state’s development objectives, planning the budget, implementing and analysing the goals of different policy areas.

„Performance area is a fixed set of interrelated state policies oriented to achieve long-term development goals, and it has clear and measurable impact purposes and indicators.” – Külvi Noor

Proposals for performance areas:

  • Ecological balance
  • Sustainable energy system
  • Human-friendly built environment
  • Better opportunities for infrastructure
  • Skilled people and effective labour market
  • Developing economic environment
  • Competitive companies
  • Healthy people
  • Equal life full of opportunities
  • Viable culture
  • Active citizens
  • Protected community
  • Increasing national security
  • Strong legislative system
  • Good governance
  • Efficient foreign policy