Aleksandr Michelson


Aleksandr’s main research fields at Praxis are entrepreneurship, labour market and social studies. He also is working with development cooperation projects. Aleksandr is active in the academic world, being a visiting lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology, where he lectures on economic and urban sociology and supervises students’ theses. Aleksandr has a master’s degree in public economics, and in 2014 he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic of tourism economy at the School of Business and Governance of Tallinn University of Technology.

Aleksandr is well versed in qualitative research methods. He upgraded himself by taking various courses and participating in colloquiums at universities abroad, as well as in the role of a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

Aleksandr speaks fluently Estonian, English and Russian. In his spare time, Aleksandr’s interests are cultural and nature tourism and creating contemporary art objects in various art mediums.