From July to the end of December in 2017 Estonia will be holding the presidency of the European Union Council. During the period, Estonia will be responsible for organising the work of the Council sittings and its working groups, achieving common positions of all member states and representing and defending these agreements in negotiations with the European Commission and the Parliament. Additionally, more than 30 high-level international conferences and meetings and nearly 200 other related events will be held in Estonia during the period. One of these will be the conference „Future of Work: Making it E-easy“, organised by the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs on 13 and 14 September 2017.

The conference focuses on the challenges in working conditions, social protection and skills arising from the changing world of work.  The speakers include experts in the field of work, social affairs and education from all over the world, including representatives of the European Union institutions and international organisations (e.g. ILO, OECD, ETUC, BusinessEurope etc). The target audience will consist of ministers and policy makers of labour, social, education and economic policy, social partners and representatives of EU institutions and international organisations in the fields.

The role of Praxis is to provide thematic consultation for the conference by:

  • setting the focus of the topics and tying them together;
  • preparing theme papers, questions and topical guidelines;
  • providing facts and figures for different mediums (infographs, videos etc).

After the conference, Praxis will prepare overviews and conclusions and gather and present the outcomes of the conference.