Companies pay much attention to the development of employees’ knowledge and skills. According to the OECD, every year, 75% of enterprises with more than 10 employees provide training measures or activities to their employees. In European OECD countries, close to 10% of all enterprises’ investments are made in training, according to the EIB Investment Survey.

However, there is no in-depth understanding of why, how and for whom enterprises provide training and of what limits training provision.

For greater clarity, the OECD is conducting a study in five European countries (Austria, Ireland, France, Italy and Estonia) on enterprises’ training needs and strategies to increase the understanding of what policy interventions could support enterprises in providing more and better training to their employees.

Praxis is responsible for the data collection in Estonia. In October and November 2020, Praxis analysts will conduct interviews in 20 medium-sized and large enterprises, involving managers, HR managers and employees, in order to find out how the training of employees is carried out. By participating in the survey, enterprises contribute to bringing their experience and views on employee training to policy makers.

A report on Enterprise Training Strategies to Manage Skill Needs is scheduled to be published in mid-2021.