According to various research, the participation of adults who are unemployed, with lower education and lower competiveness participate less in lifelong learning. These adults are also less motivated to re-educate themselves and their attitudes towards learning are often negative. The goal of the Ministry of Education and Science is to bring this target group back to educational system or to create opportunities for them to get key skills through training programs, as well as to increase their competitiveness and opportunities in the job market.

Association of Estonian Adult Educators Andras implements Europe’s Social Funds (ESF) project “The advancement of adult education ja broadening of opportunities of study“. It`s goal is to create high quality and flexible study opportunities, which consider the needs of the labour market. The purpose of the communication and awareness raising is the need to support the motivation the adult learner to return to his/hers studies. That includes both return of the drop outs from from the general school system, as well as the lifelong self-improvement of all adult learners (including in non-state funded study). The target group with the highest priority are adults who have interrupted their education early, who have had minimal experience with life-long learning and for whom the continuation of education would mean surpassing considerable career obstacles.

A part of the implementation of the project is communications strategy, which is based on the analyses and research of Praxis. The communications strategy, which is aimed at changing the attitudes and behaviour of the population, is completed in the summer of 2016