Neighbourhood watch has evolved into an important preventive activity with extensive reach in Estonia, coordinated by the NGO Eesti Naabrivalve. The Ministry of the Interior funds the activities of the NGO annually and has outlined the creation of a preventative and secure living environment as one of the goals in the Internal Security Development Plan 2020-2030. Achievement of this goal is ensured through several measures: comprehensive preventive efforts that involve contributions from all individuals; reducing accidents resulting in human casualties and mental and physical abuse; enhanced security of public spaces and ensured protection of property and the environment.

Several of these strategic directions closely align with the objectives established by the NGO Eesti Naabrivalve for years 2021-2031. These goals focus on fostering connected, strong, and secure communities; preventing threats, offenses, and accidents; maintaining public order, providing effective responses, and implementing smart surveillance. Therefore, supporting the neighbourhood watch movement can contribute to achieving broader strategic goals in internal security. 

To effectively guide the activities of the NGO Eesti Naabrivalve and ensure its growth and sustainability, it is important to identify the external factors that have recently changed and the way these factors impact the movement and its operations. Additionally, it is crucial to analyse what kind of support and resources the movement requires, as well as understand the needs and expectations of its members. 

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify and analyse the key factors affecting the sustainability of the neighbourhood watch in Estonia. It aims to offer specific recommendations that will shape the movement’s future and define the resources needed over the next decade. Additionally, the study seeks to contribute to the creation of action plans that will enhance the growth and effectiveness of the neighbourhood watch in Estonia. 

The study is conducted at the request of the Ministry of the Interior.