Maris Vainre


Maris is currently engaged in her doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge while simultaneously holding a part-time position at Praxis. Her primary interests lie in population well-being and understanding how various contexts influence human behaviour. At Praxis, she skillfully balances her time between the two fields. In the Policy Lab, Maris leverages her expertise in psychology to develop behaviourally-informed interventions. Additionally, she rigorously assesses their effectiveness through randomised controlled trials and other appropriate methodologies.

Previously, Maris contributed to the University of Cambridge’s research on mental health services for children and youth, where she combined quantitative and qualitative research methods. Her experience enriches her contributions to Praxis, particularly in the Health Policy domain, with a special focus on mental health issues. Maris is also deeply committed to enhancing the quality of scientific evidence and advocating for the principles of open science. An overview of Maris’ publications is available here.

In her free time, Maris can be found swing dancing on Europe’s dance floors or reading in a cosy armchair at home. Maris is fluent in English and Estonian, she can also converse in German and Spanish as well as express the basics in Russian and French.