Gerli Paat-Ahi


Gerli has worked in Praxis as a health policy analyst for 8 years. She researches various questions related to healthcare – primary healthcare, the quality, accessibility and financing of healthcare services, assessment of health technology and long-term care system. Before joining Praxis, Gerli worked in clinical medicine for four years.

Gerli has assessed many projects on healthcare and has taken part in implementing population-based surveys. She has experience in international projects, mainly on the financing of healthcare services. The topic that interests her the most is the equal accessibility and quality of healthcare services.

Gerli has a Master’s degree from the University of Tartu where she studied epidemiology and biostatistics. At the moment, as part of her international PhD, she is conducting research on the productivity and costs of hospital treatment. Gerli has taken many courses on evidence-based medicine and data analysis, and can use programming languages STATA and R.

Gerli can speak professional level English, conversational German and basic level Russian. Recently, Gerli has been interested in aviation as a hobby.