The number of older people is rising, so demographic changes are happening everywhere. Innovative solutions are needed to ensure an active and healthy aging process for everyone and the sustainability of health and social care systems. Innovation and its empowerment help create digital solutions that meet people’s needs and create a more human-centered and cohesive community.

Innovation Network for Active and Healthy Ageing (IN-4-AHA) is an innovation network for active and healthy aging financed by the European Union, wishing to contribute to the creation of tested and ready-to-use solutions in the field of health and social care, which can be scaled across borders.

The project involves various stakeholders – end-users of solutions, support and demand parties, local and regional ecosystems as well as interest groups and organizations. With the help of involvement and with the help of other project activities, AHA systems, and innovative solutions in the field are further developed, and policy recommendations in the field of health and social care are created.