Starting from 2008, Let’s Do It! is an annual community activities day in Estonia. On May 1, 2009 more than 11 000 people took part of a nationwide brainstorming session to improve life in Estonia – Let’s Do It! My Estonia. The project at hand lists the topics of importance for the participants and describes the interconnected nature of the discussed subjects. This is useful for the planning of future activities and for understanding the willingness of the more active part of the civic society to participate in the solving of the perceived problems.

The more important conclusions are as follows:

  • The capacity and willingness to contribute to the solving of important problems exist in all regions of Estonia. More use needs to be found for this resource in the future.
  • The active people of Estonia are ready to take on more responsibility and show initiative in solving problems on the community or parish level. Therefore, it is advisable that conditions for activities on the local level are established. Decision-making and resource management should be delegated to the local level by involving locals.
  • More attention should be paid to the formation of values and mental resources besides material and regulative resorts.
  • The lack of mention of the European Union as a source of funds in discussions can be interpreted as the participants being uninformed or having insufficient access to the funds. Hence, guidance and support should be offered to help people find the financial resources for implementing their local level ideas.
  • In addition to getting things done and finding solutions to issues, the process of cooperation is an important aspect of Let’s Do It! My Estonia in and of itself.

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