To better analyse social policy reform and its socio-economic effects, the European Commission brought together various European experts to form the ASISP network (Analytical Support on the Socio-Economic Impact of Social Protection Reforms). As a part of the network, experts from Praxis give an annual overview of Estonian social policy reforms (pension, healthcare and welfare) as well as their socio-economic effects. The experts also analyse the social aspects of Estonia’s „Eesti 2020“ competitiveness improvement plan every year. This input is then used by the Commission to write its annual suggestions to member states. Estonia is represented in the ASISP by Andres Võrk and Riina Sikkut.

The project is coordinated by Gesellschaft für Versicherungswissenschaft und -gestaltung e.V. (GVG).

The annual reports are available here.

In 2014, the ASISP network became inactive and was joined with other networks to form the ESPN (European Social Policy Network).