The experts of the European Network of Experts on Gender Equality offer the European Commission knowledge and analyses in the field of gender equality. Different measures are used:

  • giving a short overview of the changes, reforms or other important once a month.
  • each quarter the national experts update the quarterly reports for their countries which include the statistics describing the field (mainly comparing men and women in the fields of work, education, family and social issues), the national setup for dealing with gender equality problems, political development, reforms, etc.
  • short analyses of the national reform programmes are also compiled from the perspective of gender equality.
  • the network also compiles different thematic overviews which in addition to the countries’ statistic data often include a case analysis for a few countries. The overviews reflect the impact of the economic crisis on gender equality, describe the gender pension gap, talk about women who make less than their partners and also the youth who are at the beginning of their working life.

Before the creation of the ENEGE (2007-2011) the work relating to gender equality was divided between two European Commission’s networks – EGGE dealt with the labour market and gender equality and EGGSI dealt with the themes of gender and social inclusion. In 2012 the networks were united. Praxis also took part in the work of the two earlier networks. In 2016, the ENEGE project was discontinued and a new project was launched instead: Scientific analaysis and advice on gender equality in the EU (SAAGE).

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