In 2019, women make up around 30% of the Estonian parliament and of the councils of the local authorities. So that women could influence public policy more meaningfully, we need more women in power. The aim of „Nudging Women to Power“, an international project by Praxis, is to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality and of the possibilities women have to take part in politics.  

To that end, we will review academic literature and analyse Estonian media. This will offer insights into the current trends in gender equality research. In addition, we will analyse how the features of the Estonian and EU’s electoral systems and the party systems affect women’s opportunities to participate in politics. 

Based on the analysis, we will develop recommendations and practical tools to help journalists, politicians and policy makers to further gender parity and reduce the stereotypes that inhibit women’s participation in high-level politics. We hope that this project contributes to a greater participation of women in politics and their willingness to do so.