The state of Estonia soon turns 100, but by no means are we an old-fashioned nation. After restoring our independence in 1991, we created our dream country. By integrating with the Western world, we have created a well-functioning one. Now the time has come to become a leader. We have enough to be proud of, as we are increasingly being set as a good example and even the wealthiest of countries have taken great interest in our innovative solutions to common problems in the public sector.

However, one cannot stay resting on laurels. Considering that our population is decreasing and demands being more involved, the public sector needs to make an effort to sustain development and ensure even progress in all fields of governing, not all of which have reached the 21st century yet.

Discussions were held on management conference “The Innovative Country” on how to develop and manage the public sector, so that Estonia would remain a good example to the outside world. The participants exchanged views on innovative ways to enhance management culture, -technologies, and -systems.


The conference was opened with a video message from Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas to middle-level managers. After that, many leading experts in management delivered their keynote speeches, including Veiko Tali (Estonian Ministry of Finance), Edwin Lau (OECD), Richard Wilson (OSCA), Agnes Roos (Eesti Energia), Taavi Kotka (Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication), Veiko Lember (Tallinn University of Technology), Marek Helm (Estonian Tax and Customs Board), Jane Oblikas (Estonian Design Centre), and Mart Noorma (University of Tartu). Simultaneously, five different workshops focusing on new technologies and services in state management took place.

Conference was moderated by Annika Uudelepp (Praxis).

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