Gender equality is an important topic in Estonia as well as in the European Union. Estonia stands out from other countries with a number of very high inequality indicators. For example, an important issue in Estonia is strong gender segregation in labour market. This means that women and men are active in different fields in labour market, which, as a result, shapes gender stereotypes and gender balance in society.  Politics and decision-making level is one of the fields where the role of women is remarkably low. The low representation of women in local governments also reflects their modest role in forming local life and thus poor coherence of the society.

The representativeness and role of women in local government has not yet been studied in Estonia. Praxis will carry out an analysis, which will give an overview of the employees of local governments, describing their education, pay, age and occupation. As a result, a clear overview of the roles and opportunities of women and men to shape the local life will be presented in a policy-brief. This can be used in order to improve the situation of women in local governments.