Kristi Anniste

Gender equality and equal opportunities

Kristi joined Praxis as an analyst of labour and social policy in 2015. Six years later she started to work at the Gender Analysis and Equal Opportunities programme.  In her work, she mainly focuses on the analysis of migration, integration, equal opportunities, gender equality and child and family policy. Kristi also participates in the research projects of the Praxis Policy Lab. She has extensive knowledge and experience in project management, research planning and data analysis. Kristi is experienced with both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Kristi has been interested in integration and equal opportunities for a long time – in her previous work at the Integration Foundation she also worked in the field of integration and equal treatment of national minorities. She has PhD from the University of Tartu in human geography and regional planning. In her doctoral thesis she devoted to migration studies, analyzing emigration from Estonia, integration of emigrants and return migration. Professionally, Kristi has improved herself at the University of Liverpool and at the French Institute for Demographic Studies. Kristi speaks English at high level and also some Russian, Spanish and French.