Kadri Kangro

Civil Society, Governance

Kadri is most interested in social innovation and the ecosystem of innovation. She has led several collaborative governance and innovation projects, which above all have supported the development of local life. From the past, Kadri has a degree in medical science and health economics studies at the University of Tartu, as well as she worked at the Health Insurance Fund, Võrumaa Development Center and brings us some international research and development cooperation experiences. In recent years, she is dedicated to research and teaching at several Estonian universities – Tallinn University, University of Tartu, Estonian Art Academy – as well as at the University of Eastern Finland. Kadri is finishing her doctoral thesis at Tallinn University on the topic of co-creation platforms at the local level.

Social innovation also guides her choices in the free time, for example, Kadri contributes to the activities of Rõuge Village University and is busy launching the Estonian social innovation community. She takes time off from improving the world by working in her home garden.