We have just helped to launch a free online course (MOOC) to support the teaching of multilingual children in a school environment. Valuing all children’s mother tongues and including them in education supports the educational and social inclusion of learners with a migrant background and marginalized students in particular.

The course can be completed free of charge and at your own pace, and in the process you can acquire the following knowledge:

  • How to value and pay attention to the mother tongues of all students in teaching? Why is it necessary?
  • How to better cooperate with parents of students with a migrant background and different mother tongues?

Register for the course HERE.

Praxis took part of an Erasmus+ KA2 project ALCOR. The project aim was to develop language friendly attitudes and skills among teachers. In the project, we focused on marginalised and migrant learners’ home languages which are often unseen, unheard and neglected in the classroom. Students’ linguistic diversity should be welcomed as a valuable resource for learning new content, new languages and as a way to enhance participation and inclusion of both minority and migrant students and their parents into the school community.

Praxis was part of SIRIUS – Policy Network on Migrant Education. Read more about the project HERE.