The importance of linguistic diversity and creating a supportive environment that respects and embraces linguistic diversity is an integral part of international policy documents advocating for inclusion, equity, and quality education for every child.

Including end embracing students’ home languages in the classroom supports supports the educational and social inclusion of migrant and marginalized learners.

Praxis is part of an Erasmus+ KA2 project ALCOR. The project aims to develop language friendly attitudes and skills among teachers. In the project, we focus on marginalised and migrant learners’ home languages which are often unseen, unheard and neglected in the classroom. Students’ linguistic diversity should be welcomed as a valuable resource for learning new content, new languages and as a way to enhance participation and inclusion of both minority and migrant students and their parents into the school community.

The project is built around four main activities:

  • An intensive training programme for teachers (4 training modules);
  • Language Friendly Learning festivals;
  • Production of white board animations that visualize how home language integration and parental involvement may result in student well-being and academic success through the use of multilingual learning resources;
  • We took part in launching MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to support the teaching of multilingual children at school. The free course developes a language friendly mindset and enhances teacher competence in forging effective teacher-parent connections through home language integration and digital technology. You can complete the course at your own pace, register HERE.

ALCOR is lead by Risbo (The Netherlands). Project partners: NEPC – Network of Education Policy CentersTerremondo (Italy), Rutu Foundation (The Netherlands) ja Korak Po Korak (Croatia).


Praxis is part of SIRIUS – Policy Network on Migrant Education.



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