Alari Paulus

Senior Analyst
+372 640 8004

Alari is a senior analyst of Economic Policy Programme in Praxis and a research fellow at the University of Essex. His main research area is public finance and public economics more broadly. His main research interests are tax compliance, the effects of fiscal policies on labour market and household income distribution, income inequality and redistribution in the international comparison.

Most of Alari’s professional career has been related to the analysis and modelling of economy.

He started his career in Praxis as an analyst of Social and Labour Policy Programme and Education Policy Programme, then moving to the Institute for Social & Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex, where he has worked more than 10 years by now. Since 2016, he also re-joined the team of Praxis. He has been involved in various research projects funded by the European Commission (FP6, FP7, DG-EMPL, JRC), World Bank, national research bodies and ministries. He has also long-term experience in tax-benefit microsimulation modelling and has actively contributed to the development of the EU tax-benefit model, EUROMOD.

Alari has a MA in economics from the University of Tartu and a PhD in economics from the University of Essex.

Web: LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Repec/Ideas

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