Volunteering is something done out of free will it is neither obligatory nor compelled. Volunteering does not allot any financial or material benefits. Voluntary activities take place outside of one’s family and relatives and is directed towards other people for the benefit of the society. Volunteering is part of the civil society and takes place in the third sector.

“Organizations with highly motivated volunteers stand out by offering different ways to contribute, also providing feedback and recognition.”  – Jon Ender

The main recommendations from the study “Volunteering across Europe”:

For general development:
the state should have a clear strategy on how to develop the volunteering hand in hand with the adult education and labour market policies;

raising the awareness of the public about the volunteering possibilities should be planned according to different target groups;

the youth are looking for new experiences, knowledge and skills, they are using the internet environment;

middle-aged people want to increase their possibilities of finding a desired job. People like these are more motivated, when their employers give them a day or two off to participate in voluntary activities;

older people mainly want to help those in need, they can be reached via television or radio.


To organizations:

Organizations must find a middle-ground between the expectations of the volunteers and the public needs in order to motivate the volunteers and utilize then in the good of the public;

since the volunteer if offering its precious time and energy, the expenses of volunteering such as transport, food etc. should be covered by the organization;

different ways of contributing should be made available, then more people can find a way most suitable to them;

organizations should provide trainings, guidelines, active feedback and sincere recognition;

provide ways to combine volunteering possibilities with everyday activities such as family, friends, hobbies and school;

to inform the public about the organization in order to increase the contribution of the volunteers;

systematically develop the organization to ensure its good reputation, keep it in the public’s eye.