Dear student, think tank Praxis invites you to participate in the international EUROSTUDENT survey.

Let your voice be heard and dedicate 30 minutes to contribute to the changing of Estonia’s higher education policy more student-friendly and evidence-based. In the survey you will find questions about your working patterns, studying and living conditions, socio-economic and emotional well-being and international mobility.

Who and when can participate in the survey?
An invitation to fill in the questionnaire was sent in May to all Estonian students (except the doctoral students), who in this semester study in an Estonian higher education institution, including also the foreign students who attain in Estonia the whole degree. If you have not yet started filling in the questionnaire, take a look at your mailbox, find an invitation link, and let your voice be heard already today! The questionnaire can be filled out in Estonian, English and Russian language.

Estonian EUROSTUDENT questionnaire is a part of an international survey. Read more here.

The survey is conducted by think tank Praxis in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research.