Analysis by the political think tank Praxis found that the Social Democratic Party and the Centre Party have made the most extensive social promises in their campaigns for the parliamentary elections in March.

Both of the opposition parties want to shape Estonia’s social and economic system after the Nordic model by increasing social benefits and raising taxes.

On the other hand, campaign pledges for progressive social conditions have been most modest in the campaigns of the ruling coalition parties – IRL and the Reform Party. Those two parties pledge no increase in government assistance and staunchly defend the current flat tax system.

Praxis placed the People’s Union and the Green Party midway between two major policy groups. The first emphasizes employment programs while the greens advocate for lifelong education.

All parties promote reforming the problematic kindergarten system, which currently leaves out a lot of children. Another universal policy change is to increase employee safety and improve work insurance.

Plans include tax cuts to employers investing in employee health and education.

Source: Social Dems, Centre Set Highest Social Pledges, ERR