The Praxis Center for Policy Studies and the Liberal Academy Tbilisi are holding seminars in Georgia today and tomorrow to improve NGOs’ role in shaping their country’s future.

“The Praxis project has come at the right time in Georgian development, because new opportunities to increase the role of civil society are sure to emerge in the post-election situation,” Priit Turk, the Estonian ambassador to Georgia, said in a press release from Praxis.

Praxis management member Kristiina Mänd said in the statement that NGOs in Georgia are unhappy about their lack of involvement and the dominant role of government organizations, which she said have led to non-transparent and poorly informed decisions.

“Georgians are concerned that each new government forgets previous cooperation models and has to start all over. There’s room for development in the communication between organizations and the strategic development of civil society,” said Mänd.

Source: Praxis Shares Political Experience With Georgian NGOs, ERR