As of April 6, one year since the current government took office, only 20 of the 537 pledges written into the coalition agreement have been fulfilled, according to an independent watchdog website.

Valitsemise Valvurid (Government Guards), a project launched in January by ERR, the Praxis policy think tank and the Open Estonia Foundation, lists and tracks progress on each of the pledges, which together constitute the government’s program for the 2011 to 2015 period.

According to the pool of experts who assess the progress, 20 pledges have been fulfilled, 329 are in progress, 100 have not been started, 18 have been postponed and three have changed. Another 46, such as “Making Estonian society more open and tolerant,” are listed as too general to be measurable and 21 have not been evaluated.

Visitors to the site are given the opportunity to comment on the progress and results.

At the time of the website’s launch, Hille Hinsberg, head of the Praxis Center for Political Studies, said that the project’s aim was not to confront the government but to give outsiders a say in state affairs.

Source: One Year On, 4% of Government Pledges Fulfilled, ERR