The government has fulfilled 61 out of the 539 pledges outlined in the April 2011 coalition agreement between the Reform Party and IRL, independent watchdog group Valitsemise Valvurid has said.
The government managed to make good on 4 percent of its promises within a year of taking office, and now, with nearly two-thirds of its current term over, it has met 11 percent of them, the watchdog said on its website on Sunday.

The site said 333 projects are in the works, while 14 have been changed and the rest have either been postponed, have not been started or are listed as too general to be measurable.

The watchdog, set up in the beginning of 2012, is managed by ERR and Praxis, and is funded by the Open Estonia Foundation.

Source: Government Has So Far Made Good on 11% of Pledges, Says Watchdog, ERR