Registered unemployment fell in October, but so did the percentage of those registered who received the unemployment insurance benefit – to just 18.5 percent compared to 20.6 percent in June.

A total of 51,900 people were on the roll as unemployed at various times during the month (the number had fallen to around 46,000 by October 31) and the unemployment insurance benefit was paid to 9,600 people.

The average unemployment insurance benefit was 297 euros and the total amount paid was 2.4 million euros.

As for the unemployment allowance – a labor market measure that amounts to about 2 euros per day and can be paid for a maximum 270 days – it was paid in October to 8,900 people, or 17 percent of those registered as unemployed during the month.

The Praxis think tank said in an analysis published on November 9 that the poverty risk for the unemployed is high as the amount of the unemployment benefit is low and the payment period is short.

Source: Fewer Draw Unemployment Benefits, ERR