This Praxis Center for Policy Studies report looks at status of e-government and e-democracy efforts in Estonia, Sweden and Iceland. Its comparison of these three countries offers a better understanding of the cultural, political and technological opportunities and challenges of e-participation, and seeks to contribute to the development of improved methods and processes of e-participation.

The paper is part of a project between Sweden, Estonia and Iceland, combining research with networking to enhance e-participation in the three countries. The project network includes partners from local governments, experienced researchers in the field, and software companies that are exploring new possibilities and markets.

The project is funded by VINNOVA, the Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS), NordForsk and the Estonian Ministry for Economic Affairs and Communications. The main partners include Örebro University, Praxis Center for Policy Studies, Citizens Foundation, imCode Partner, the City of Reykjavik and Haparanda and Borås municipalities.

Download: Citizen centric e-participation

Source: Citizen centric e-participation, Policy Association for an Open Society