Eke Allikvere

Gender equality and equal opportunities

LGBT activism and trans rights are closest to Eke’s heart. He is interested in psychology and improving mental health of the queer community – after completing his training, he has volunteered as an experience counselor for transgender youth and their parents at the Estonian LGBT Association since 2017. Years of counseling and active participation in the LGBT community have given him a unique perspective on the lives of Estonian LGBT people and awareness of their everyday joys and worries. He always keeps an eye on what is happening in Estonian society and politics in this area. Both at the university and in his work as an experienced advisor, Eke really enjoys conducting trainings and workshops.

Eke graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School’s integrated art, music and multimedia curriculum. He is a music producer in the band su/mi, which focuses on sharing the experiences of queer youth through music. In addition, he likes to read and do crafts in his free time.