The Estonian e-solution that shows the financial capacity  and public services by local municipalities is competing in the first data visualization competition.
There are 10 e-solutions at the international competition,  so cast your vote by October 16 and take the chance to support the only e-solution developed by the Estonian think tank Praxis at “Competition entries include web applications from countries as diverse as Chile and Kenya; several applications focus on national or local budgets, and the use or misuse of public money,†Hille Hinsberg, one of the authors of from Praxis Center of Policy Studies, explains. can be used either for browsing data or for comparison of indicators, e.g. water and sewage tariffs for home owners; the price per person in elderly care facilities or the number of kids per teacher in the nearest kindergarten. Financial data includes tax revenue and investments per capita which show the ability to develop local services and infrastructure and therefore attract residents. The user can easily make a comparison between their home municipality and another region, or get data on the country as a whole. All this information is especially valuable right before the local government elections, which take place on October 20th this year.
The webpage was designed by Praxis and Geomedia, the author of the interactive web solution is Tanel Kärp. The information presented on the web page comes from various public databases. The project is funded by Open Society Foundations.