E-governance experts Linnar Viik, Daniel Vaarik, Sten Tamkivi and Marten Kokk have presented guiding principles on the basic rights of Internet users and are hoping to launch open discussion of the issue in civic society.
“What we’re looking at is the principles that states and their citizens should always follow in creating new laws, entering into foreign agreements, developing new e-services and using the Internet,” the authors write.

Their ideas are based on the overall principles of human rights and basic freedoms that should be defended in today’s information society. Those behind the initiative have studied existing international manifests and declarations on Internet rights.

Praxis is a recognized think tank bringing together independent expertise in order to raise important issues in society and to offer solutions to them. It supports the principles of an open information society and of good governance and gladly contributes to public debate to promote such principles.

Individuals, organizations, companies and public departments are invited to take part in the discussion. The guiding principles can be viewed and comments left on the Praxis blog.