As of today, in addition to Annika Uudelepp and Laura Kirss, the tasks of a think thank board member are also carried out by Katrin Pihor, a long-term employee of Praxis and the programme leader of economic policies.

Katrin has an MA in Economics from Tartu University and has more than 10 years of experience in projects relating to applied research and research and development. Her main research interests lie in public economics, mainly the financial relations between the central government and the local governments. Katrin has been one of Praxis’ most outstanding leaders when it comes to assessing the influence of different policies.

Katrin takes her place on the board in place of Reelika Leetmaa, who was a board member until now and also the programme leader of labour and social policies, but as of today she works for the board of Eesti Töötukassa (Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund).

In addition to the chairman, the board of Praxis also includes programme leaders who are elected on a rotational basis. The members of the board are elected and appointed by the council of Praxis.