The goal of the project is to develop and implement an efficient monitoring system for the purpose of introducing a knowledge-based youth policy in Estonia. The concept of integrated youth policy entails a solid and systematic overview of the development and well-being of young people in Estonia.

Youth monitoring provides up-to date information about various fields related to the lives of young people by enabling assessments about the current status and future direction of young people in the society. Information acquired from the youth monitor can be taken into account by decision makers on both the state and local level when developing new youth policy or evaluate the potential effects of policy changes.

The result of the project includes the following interconnected component:

  • An efficient and systematic youth monitoring system;
  • Database with periodically updated indicators;
  • Research and analytical reports about the youth, including policy review and original research based on questionnaires;
  • Overviews (including policy developing topics) and findings regarding youth status that are shared with interest groups;
  • Development studies of youth policy;
  • The Yearbook of Youth Monitoring and thematic conferences.

The project will increase public awareness of the situation of young people in Estonia.

The results of this project can be also found at: In total, 3 youth monitoring yearbooks and 6 policy reviews have already created, results of which were discussed at conferences and events with over 500 participants. The Youth Monitoring project was covered by more that 150 stories in different media.

The following publications are available in English:

1st Policy Brief “Youth monitoring in Estonia”

Overview of the 2012 Youth Monitoring Yearbook “Youth and social inclusion”

Overview of the 2011 Youth Monitoring Yearbook “Youth and youth work”

Overview of the 2011 Youth Monitoring Yearbook “Youth and the Labour Market”

Indicators’ database of Youth Monitor is available here.

Researches’ database of Youth Monitor is available here.