Young people and youth workers in Estonia have the opportunity to take part in various international learning experiences through EU youth programmes. The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union provides opportunities for young people, their communities, and youth workers to develop competences, support youth civic engagement and engage in intercultural learning. The opportunities available in the frame of Erasmus+ Youth include:

  1. Youth exchanges
  2. Mobility projects for youth workers
  3. Youth participation activities
  4. Large-scale cooperation partnerships and small-scale partnerships.

In addition, youth civic engagement is supported through the European Solidarity Corps programme (formerly Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service – EVS), which involves international voluntary service projects and local solidarity projects.

Praxis analysed the data from the RAY MON and RAY SOC surveys in Estonia to assess the effectiveness of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programme activities. The analysis was part of the activities of the RAY Network

Read our RAY MON and RAY SOC reports and infographics to better understand youth mobility and voluntary service, the impact of international youth projects on participants in Estonia, the organizations involved, the local areas where projects take place, and the development of international youth work.