Previous research has illustrated that members of an organisation have certain expectations towards their representative organ, such as maintaining its reputation, spreading positive experiences, and making impactful statements in the media. Praxis compiled an overview of the evaluations of ITL members and partners of the ICT Cluster regarding the leadership of the organisation and its activities thus far.

The results show that the members’ attitude towards the leadership and activities of the cluster are predominantly positive. For example, nearly all the participants claimed that the organisation represents its members’ interests exemplarily and the members possess every possibility to partake in the development of the organisation’s viewpoints. Moreover, a few members pointed out that the inactivity of some of the members is rather the problematic factor. The organisational capabilities of ITL were highly praised, too.

However, nuances such as how ITL reacts to acute topics in the society and/or media received more critique. A more significant contribution is expected in the fields of innovation and in increasing export capacity. Additionally, members recommended to represent their interests more strongly in international institutions, carry out more analyses and research, and participate more actively in organizing field-specific vocational and higher education. Still, nearly all the members (96%) noted that ITL initiatives concerning the development of the field have been either rather or very significant.