From 2009 to 2014 a European Social Fund programme “Work-related training and development activities for adults” was carried out by the Ministry of Education and Research offering free work-related training courses to adults through state-commissioned study places in institutions of vocational education and institutions of professional higher education that provide vocational training.

The programme ended in 2014 and activities were being planned for the new funding period, so an independent external evaluation was needed. The objective of the current analysis is to provide an overview, assess the relevance and effectiveness and make recommendations for future improvements of the development process of work-related training courses through state-commissioned study places in the framework of the ESF program “Work-related training and development activities for adults”. In addition to evaluating the planning process, assessment was also required on whether it is possible to enhance the process so the planning would take the needs of the job market into account even more.

The survey is based on the analysis of various process-related documents and semi-structured in-depth interviews with representatives of different stakeholders involved in the development process (Ministry of Education and Research, partners outside the Ministry and educational institutions).