Lääne-Harju Koostöökogu organises a seminar with an aim to advance its members – representatives of local government and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) – to make their cooperation in providing public services more effective.

Praxis helps to implement the seminar with:

  • Creating a framework of public services.
  • Showing which areas have been supported so far and to which extent.
  • Enhancing the participants’ knowledge by giving an overview of the improving possibilities of cooperation.
  • Providing exercises in order to create effective cooperation and partnership possibilities and search for appropriate focus (priority areas) for the region for the coming years.

Practical group exercises give the opportunity for every participant to open his or her point of view as well as express expectations on the situation in providing public services in the region. They also have an opportunity to choose whether to outline the ’wished for’ situation or to brainstorm for new and creative ways of cooperation. As a result these exercises give an input to a strategy for the period of 2014-2020.