This research was organized by the Fundamental Rights Agency in 2022 in selected EU countries and institutions. Praxis in cooperation with Estonian Human Rights Centre implemented the project in Estonia. Praxis carried ou expert interviews with representatives from civil society organisations, national finance managers and national bodies with human rights remit (Chancellor or Justice and Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner Commissioner’s Offices).  

This project aimed to provide guidance to national bodies with a human rights remit (that is, national human rights institutions, equality bodies, and ombuds institutions) on their potential role in the monitoring of EU funds. The study was about providing technical assistance to national bodies with a human rights remit involved in assessing EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and CRPD compliance of EU funds. 

At the end of year 2023 FRA will publish a report that is aimed to assist national bodies with a human rights remit in setting their strategy on EU funds. This analysis is aimed at supporting the  national bodies to understand their potential role in the successful implementation of Charter and CRPD conditionality in the 2021-2027 funding period, and where their interventions in the process could lead to the greatest effect. The project will also help identify where there is need for capacity building and how to do that. Last but not least the FRA report will provide recommendations how to avoid violations of the EU Charter and CRPD.