The health policy program of Praxis Centre for Policy Studies is participating in the network on European Integration, Small States and Health. The aim of the network is to explore challenges and opportunities for small states at the interface of national and European health policy making, focusing on a number of concrete health policy issues such as cancer, health professionals’ mobility, access to medicines, and rare diseases, with the intention of increasing the influence of small state perspectives in discussions on EU health policy; raising awareness on the difference of European integration within different member states; and increasing understanding on the importance of diversity for development, integration and collaboration on European health policy.

The Network is funded from the Erasmus+ Program of the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) within the framework of the Jean Monnet “Policy debate with the academic world” instrument entitled: European Integration, Small States and Health. The network consists of universities and public health institutes and think-tanks from Malta, Estonia, Slovenia, Iceland and The Netherlands.