Public sector decision-makers can effectively promote equality only when they have the necessary competences and tools, including the studies that map existing inequalities. Therefore, the studies ordered by the public sector should research gender disparities and inequalities experienced by the minorities.

Praxis Centre for Policy Studies is the biggest think tank in Estonia who conducts around 50 studies per year in various policy areas. In previous five years we have trained approx. 2 000 public and third sector experts and managers. We are in the good position to impact the equality policy competencies in public sector as well as in the civil society. In order to achieve such an impact, we need to increase the competencies of our own analysts.

The goal of the project is to have the policy analyses featuring gender gaps and minority populations as well as suggesting measures to promote equality. Training programmes for public sector managers should ideally entail content on principles of gender equality and equal treatment (so called horizontal themes). To reach these goals the project will map the best practices of Praxis and train analysts and heads of programmes on how to incorporate horizontal themes in their daily work.

The new knowledge gained from the mapping exercise and action-learning training will be shared with non-governmental advocacy organisations and civil servants responsible for procuring studies and trainings. As the result of the project the competences of Praxis´ analysts, civil society organisations and public sector policy makers will be improved regarding mainstreaming horizontal themes in research and training.