Donors and applicants who come in contact with the process that surrounds the financing of non-governmental organisations often find themselves face to face with the problem of erratic usage of terminology. This means that both the types of funding and the core notions are being defined very differently, which often leads to the lodging of requests and demands that turn out as burdensome for both the donor and the applicant. In consequence, organisations are subjected to unequal treatment, the funding process is left wanting in transparency and does not, on the whole, take place in the public interest. Equally widespread is the habit of “funding for the sake of funding” without a clear effect or result in mind.

In order to change the afore-described situation, Praxis took up the Ministry of Interior’s procurement order and, in collaboration with multiple financing bodies and experts (National Foundation of Civil Society, Enterprise Estonia, Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations, Estonian Village Movement, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, etc.) developed a Guide for the financing of Non-Governmental Organisations that focuses on the standardisation and synchronisation of the funding terms and practices.

The compilation of the Guide proceeded through various stages:

  • Assembly and analysis of a collection of practical examples from the ministries, local governments and various foundations active in the allocation of funds.
  • Writing up the Guide for the funding of non-governmental organisations and local governments.
  • Testing the Guide’s applicability via five financing organisations.

In order to inculcate the practices brought out in the Guide, Praxis has carried out training sessions for various funding organisations. During 2012-2015, approximately 30 sessions were carried out with the representatives of local governments and organisations in the different corners of Estonia. The participants of the training sessions have also been offered additional consultation, which should support the effective enactment of the Guide.