Intelligence is one of the key qualities in modern public institutions as well as ability to apply it practically. It is important that the state functions effectively and the abilities and competencies of the middle level managers have great impact on it. Middle level managers have to be able to create trustworthy relations with their employees and with top management. Their role expects carrying and sharing information between different levels of organisation. In order to do that their knowledge, skills and attitudes have to be developed and a new level of improved team work has to be reached. Good professional knowledge has to be supported by high level management and leadership competencies, which creates strong bases for shared values and helps to achieve strategic goals. Middle level managers in public service are responsible for implementing everyday human resources activities and decisions. This is also a reason why it is important systemically and continuously to develop people with good managerial potential and to keep up their motivation.

The Ministry of Finance has started developing public service middle level managers since 2013, with the goal to enhance and adjust the quality of management in public service. A survey of middle level managers has been carried out, a middle level managers’ competency model has been created as well as the vision about their systemic development. In 2014 Praxis created and implemented a pilot development program for middle level managers of public service. The pilot project was successful and therefore this work continues during 2015-2017. At the same period of time practical trainings on different managerial competencies are available for the same target group.

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